AP Statistics

Welcome to the home page of AP Statistics. The study of statistics focuses on 4 major areas: data gathering methods, data analysis methods, probability, and statistical inference. Currently about 85% of college majors from nursing to psychology to engineering require at least one course in statistics. It is quite possibly one of the most practical courses any student at any level can take. This course will require a calculator with a statistics package. I typically use the TI-84 during class. In addition, students will be doing many projects and investigations that will require time outside of the regular school day. Be prepared to learn the art of clear communication since it is the primary goal of any statistical effort. If the student passes the AP Exam in May, they typically receive 3 hours of college credit. This classes is really quite fun and we have some wonderful discussions, just remember that if you make a claim, you must back it up with data!

The prerequisites for this course are Algebra I,II and Geometry.